About Us

The never-ending interplay of forces between science and technology has blurred the distinction at international frontiers and reduced the world into a global village. Thus, the global village concept has become a reality today with the rapid convergence of time and space, enabled by technology and deregulation.  Markets have become so integrated that traditional boundaries and other divides have yielded to the seamless flow of trade, finance and information around the globe often in real time on-line basis.

Commitments are being made by entrepreneurs and corporations in preparation for the economic reconstruction of Nigeria and the inevitable privatization and or commercialization of the Federal Government’s interests in several corporate entities and enterprises. Consequently, there have been significant developments in the last few years in the petroleum, energy, mining, telecommunication and other corporate sectors of the Nigerian economy, which are entering a new dawn of reform involving restructuring, commercialization or even outright Privatization.

These developments will initiate changes in the local demand for legal services with a bent towards a global standard for legal service delivery, and these will see clients demanding for capacities and structures that can adequately support these complex transactions.  The complex arrangements, which the new opportunities will generate, will task the limited resources and competence of most law firms in Nigeria, as they are presently structured.

Owing to these diverse and complex needs of clients, it is important that advice given to clients reflect the way clients do business, crossing borders and practice jurisdictions.  Equally important to clients, is guaranteed contact with a particular firm which understands their long-term aims and can construct a corresponding legal strategy.  This is why we at CAPITAL CHAMBERS have taken up the challenge of pioneering the legal profession in Nigeria into a new era of well-structured corporate law firms.